Rangeland Solutions Wins $10,000 Nicholas School Prize for the Environment

The Duke Startup Challenge has recognized Rangeland Solutions as the most promising environmental startup in the Duke University-wide business competition.

I am thrilled to announce that Rangeland Solutions has won the $10,000 Nicholas School Prize for the Environment, which is awarded to the startup with the most promising vision for promoting conservation through an environmentally sustainable business model. Over 100 startups entered the competition through the Duke Startup Challenge (DSC), a business competition hosted by Duke University that seeks to promote entrepreneurship among its students, faculty, and staff. Rangeland Solutions was one of eight finalists in the DSC and was selected as the recipient of the Environmental Prize. Continue reading


Rangeland Solutions Forms Partnership with Keekonyokie Slaughterhouse

Rangeland Solutions is very proud to announce our official partnership with the Keekonyokie Slaughterhouse, located in Kiserian (40Km south of Nairobi). For the past year, we have been working with the slaughterhouse to improve livestock production and market access for pastoralists. With our partnership, Rangeland Solutions and the Keekonyokie Slaughterhouse have solidified our shared vision of promoting sustainable livestock production and creating markets that support pastoralists’ livelihoods and preserve the grasslands.

Rangeland Solutions and Keekonyokie Slaughterhouse management

Rangeland Solutions and Keekonyokie Slaughterhouse management

We will be moving into an office next door to the slaughterhouse by the end of September, in a building they have provided. We are very excited to have a physical residence in which Rangeland Solutions can grow.  Continue reading

Rangeland Solutions Launches Monitoring & Evaluation Program in Olekimunke

At Rangeland Solutions, we strongly believe in the importance of collecting hard, quantifiable data to measure and demonstrate the impact of our work.   This is not only to help inform our decision-making and planning, but also to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our program members, the pastoralists. This is even more important in today’s world of “Big Data”, where donors and supporters rightfully want to see results.

Fortunately, Rangeland Solutions recently secured a grant from the Environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program of the Nicholas School of the Environment. This funding is allowing us to establish a Monitoring and Evaluation program, so we can measure and analysis the social, economic and, environmental impact of our work. Continue reading

Community Engages in Holistic Management Training

Community Engages in Holistic Management Training

It has been a very busy few months for me finishing up my Master’s program and transitioning to life after graduation. But don’t worry; Rangeland Solutions has been moving forward with the implementation of the pilot project.

Following the construction of the watering hole and purchase of the Cenchrus grass seeds, Rangeland Solutions hosted its first training sessions on Holistic Management for the community members of Olekimunke. Continue reading

Pilot Project Launched, Dam Completed

Pilot Project Launched, Dam Completed

The pilot project is funded and your donations are already at work. After a very busy few weeks we are now in the process of launching our pilot project in the village of Olekimunke.  It has taken a lot of hard work to get to this point, but we are finally here. We’ve achieved a lot of exciting accomplishments recently, so let me recap. Continue reading

Another Step Forward

[Update] Rangeland Solutions continues to build on its momentum after officially securing Olekimunke as the host site for the pilot project. This past weekend we held a meeting with the pastoralist families participating in the project to discuss the guidelines for the Constitution being drafted for the group, including rules for Membership, Governance, Land Management and Ethics/Values.  In addition, the group identified the location for the new dam, to be built by Rangeland Solutions, and assembled a timeline for moving forward. Continue reading

Success in Olekimunke

I write to you now after returning from a whirlwind three-day trip to Olekimunke. It was nice to go back to the community where I spent the past summer conducting research and interviews; I saw some familiar faces and reconnected with some good friends.

However, this most recent trip wasn’t just about reminiscing. After months of planning, Isaac and I were back to present the community with our vision for Rangeland Solutions and our progress to-date, and of course to pitch the pilot project.

The beginning of the community meeting on Day One

The beginning of the community meeting on Day One

Continue reading